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Old news, February 1998. New server, June 1998, new server July 2003.
I have attempted to make the pages as uncluttered and easy to read as possible, without filling the body text on tutorial and service pages with multiple hyperlinks all over the site - a few pages are quite lengthy for this reason. Please send feedback and let me know if it works out OK, as many tutorial sites are difficult to study because of the many links and small pages. I have also tried to be more considerate towards surfers with 640X480 video.

Due to circumstances NOT having anything to do with my previous host except in 2003 they did not offer reseller accounts, dtp-aus.com was reluctantly moved. Having been with Philex.net for many years experiencing excellent up-time and fast transmission (thanks in no small part to the great data centre they use too) I am willing to recommend Philex.net to anyone needing a fairdinkum master host for large sites especially.

'imself This site was originally optimised for:

    • minimum... IE 3.02+ / NS 7+ / FireFox
    • Screen resolutions of 800 x 600 plus
    • Thousands of colours (256+)
    • Some JAVA and Javascript
    • Arial,Geneva(Mac),Helvetica,Times New Roman fonts.

My growing number of Unix free Perl CGI scripts are now available, and the programs became very popular around the world for down loading during the late '90s.

The multi optioned site counter - LogCount, very versatile VizBook - guest book style program, E-Lists, ListMerge subscribing/mailing, CopThis "tell your friends" promo, versatile ennyForms forms-to-mail-to-db, LnkinLite link-click counter, and JumpNcount dropmenu click counter have all received an excellent response.

All available via the HTML Tutorials - with more on the way. Low cost professional Unix Perl CGI Installations available too.

2009: by far the better browser
FireFox 3+
original HTML was checked by. . .
HTML checked by NetMechanic

This site uses complex Tables:
Old NCSA Mosaic & other browsers may not handle them very well. I also suggest users of older Macs try setting their browsers serif font to New York , not Times, for better viewing.
No Java Script capabilities? You can view my small "Aussie" page from here.

• These simple pages have been repeatedly cut back and restricted in design because of initially, mainly, Netscape's own extended HTML options plus a few of Internet Explorer. But in recent times it has become MS IExplorer which is a big disaster for web developers.

If you want to embark into web page design, keep the older versions of various browsers for compatibility checking.

• If web pages load incorrectly (not just mine), always try the Reload option with MS IExp (or hit address bar text enter key for FireFox) before moving to another page or site. Cache (Server / Local) might be causing the conflict with recently altered pages. Use Favourites / Bookmarks and empty cache regularly.

The excellent FireFox addon "Web Developer tools" includes a very useful cache switch-off option!

Problems viewing these pages? Please send E-Mail. Otherwise send me e-mail anyway, just to say gudday! and let me know what you think of the site and maybe even what you would like to see - or: • Should you know of any really "you beaut" sites that I could add to my Links page, DTP Links page, HTML Links page or Connections Link page, send e-mail with a brief description and the URL.
Please sign the Visitors book
or use the private Feedback Form.
• As of 14/11/97, this site operates as the www.dtp-aus.com domain.
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Don't Ever Give Up!
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