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HTML 3.0 isn't!

Cancer Kids - their stories.

These HTML/Internet tutorial and lesson pages are for learners and experienced Web Designers alike. The overnight! success of the Internet has surprised many, including Bill Gates. Microsoft was late on the scene with their Internet Explorer and perhaps, like 'em or not, we might be disappointed because of it. The first recognised HTML Browser was NCSA Mosaic and although no longer in the race, it laid the ground work for the graphical Web Browsers of today. The first major graphics based Browser to gain vast popularity was of course Netscape Navigator.

Rushing to grab more of the Internet market, as young as it was, Netscape chose the then new HTML version 3.0 recommendations as the standard for HTML parsing by their Browser when it was first proposed. However, version 3.0 was never ratified because it presented some additions to HTML that were too advanced and a few that were all but unworkable.

The W3C trashed 3.0 and came up with 3.2 which is quite different. Netscape's grab at the largest share of the market using an unaccepted version 3.0 has presented problems for the industry including Web page publishers. Netscape's, and to a lesser extent Internet Explorer's, maverick extensions should be avoided for browser and browser-version interoperability.

So learn in all the classrooms where tips and suggestions abound throughout the examples and theory lessons - Tags, Forms, Tables, Color Charts etc. Graphics, Colour Theory, Free Images. Scanning and Photoshop Bitmap theory from the DTP classrooms should be studied also as HTML page design is an extension of Desktop Publishing.

Important NOTES


These tutorials are not to be taken as definitive presentations of the subjects covered. They are designed as introductions and revisions in areas of Desktop Publishing, Prepress and Web Site production, supporting extensive workplace or college level training that expands on the use of and control with this knowledge through practical assignments etc..

Although most of the information in these pages cannot be classified as intellectual property, the presentation of this information is copyright protected. These pages and graphics must not be copied or reproduced by any person or device unless otherwise specified. Please contact the author should you recognise these texts or graphics being used for training in any other situation or place, primarily to protect the students being so trained, as any educator qualified by knowledge to present this information will have their own presentations suited to their own methods.

My growing number of Unix free Perl CGI scripts are now available, and the programs became very popular around the world for down loading.

The multi optioned site counter - LogCount, very versatile VizBook - guest book style program, E-Lists, ListMerge subscribing/mailing, CopThis "tell your friends" promo, versatile ennyForms forms-to-mail-to-db, LnkinLite link-click counter, and JumpNcount dropmenu click counter have all received an excellent response.

All available via the HTML Tutorials - with more on the way. Low cost professional Unix Perl CGI Installations available too.

Over the years has tried several hosting services and after a couple of abject failures had remained with for several years. We are entrusted with FTP site access globally installing our CGI programs and believed the serious 'business' Unix setup and professional engineers to be equal to any. Wanting to use facilities of a "reseller" type hosting account for a while we sadly had to change host around 2003 (at that time philex did not offer "reselling"). Very important, they have been around for many years.


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