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Gif Wizard online is an online tool that will assist in reducing the size of your .GIF and .JPG images. Until you get the hang of producing your own minimum sized image files, GIF Wizard will sort it for you. Some options require registration.

Try this Form OR click on the button above to go Direct.
You must be online to use GIF Wizard via the Raspberry Hill Publishing's server.

NOTE: .JPG images require registration.

1 You have 2 options for sending an image: .

You can enter the full URL of an Image that is posted to a web server (not the URL of a page). Right click on a web page image and (Netscape users - 'Copy Image Location') (MS IE - 'Properties', double click the 'Address/URL', right click and 'copy'). Then paste it into this window

You can send the image from your hard drive. (Use the Browse Button)
(Internet Explorer 3.02 needs the File-Upload Patch) Get Patch

If the Browse Button does not appear, you need the "upload patch (IE3.02+ only).
2 You can pick another background colour (The Default is White): .
. "ND" stands for Non Dithering ("Web Safe") colour.
Red Green Blue
3 Your image can be resized (if required): .
. Enter a new image size (in pixels). Leave blank for no change.
Width = Height =
You will receive several images of various file size and quality.

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