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 DTP resources directory becoming a good resource for other dtp stuff.

The Paint Shop Pro Papers An excellent resource for this very popular painting program. Lots of tips.

Link to DTP-Links A well designed site including DTP & HTML resources.

DesktopPublishing.Com An excellent resource for whatever DTP!.

desktoppub.miningco.com Excellent resource for everything to do with DTP, a Mining Co. GuideSite™.

The Worsley Press An Excellent source of PageMaker 6.5 tips (.PDF) and low priced quality publications, primarily Newspaper Production, plus other topics.

Pauls DTP Links Very good Tips for anyone contemplating DTP, plus helpful links.

DTP Help - The Desktop and WebPage Pavilion.

Grafx Design A beautifully designed site specialising in graphics.

Macworld Online  All things Macintosh. Use the Site Search facility for DTP & HTML stuff.

XARA FONTS Need a font style urgently for a job? 300+ fonts @ only $2.00 each.

DATAVIZ Utilities: for Mac & Win DTP. Mac< >Win formatting, file conversion, auto Mac recognition in Win etc..

School of Printing Management & Sciences USA!

EP FENTON EP Fenton on PREPRESS Index. Good info and technical links.

APPLE Computer Apple Computer American site

APPLE Computer Apple Computer Australian site

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