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LnkinLite Counted Link Set-Up and Totals
Quickly create counted promo links for HTML pages or any PC or Web generated E-mail texts.

current link names and totals
link Link Name Count URL new-window test link does not affect count!
GET  ED .testlink2 1,345
GET  ED testlink1 876
GET  ED testlink3 3,094
use the 'GET' links to generate quick copy/paste tags displayed in a new window
'ED' places link details in the boxes below for editing
add, edit, or delete link names
Add, Edit, Reset, Delete, Link Name
    20 characters max
New Link URL - only needed if adding to, or editing, the list

When Creating A New Link:
To force "Referrer Checking" place a dot character [ . ] at the beginning of the Link Name.... effectively blocking remote access according to your config @referer array.

ADD New Link
Select this button to ADD a
new link Name (and link URL).

EDIT This Link
Select this button to EDIT
the named link URL.

Select this button to Reset
the named link Counter.

DELETE This Link
Select this button to DELETE
the entered Link Name.
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administration password
  New Admin Password
Repeat New Password
Use this form to change the Admin password used for adding or deleting link names.
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