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Link to this Site as a web resource I am proud to offer this program as an adjunct to the HTML Tutorials to assist webmasters
LnkinLite • Check external click-throughs to your site • Ideal for Banner Ads •
• A password displays a list of all links and click-totals from the data base •

So simple, so popular!

version 2.72

Unix, NT, Win 2000 Perl 5 CGI Link Redirect script - Counts Click-throughs

Ideal for site links, remote links, ANY PC or Web based e-mail counted promo links.

• home of the unique VizBook and ennyForms, E-Lists / ListMerge mailing, and LogCount, the versatile site counting / logging program.
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Not have enough time to install Unix perl cgi programs?

No time to learn how to install Unix perl cgi scripts?

view the info page then contact us.

Prefessional discretion
and privacy assured.


Program created by Ron Woolley.

If you use a PC Firewall like pathetic Nortons and think it a good idea to switch off browser referrer info - which the server has already obtained anyway, or use a browser like NS which by default set-up stupidly uses cache totally as if off-line, then this and any server has the right to consider you a risk and you will experience problems because of lack of STANDARD HTTP conversation protocols. But of course as a webmaster on a network you should already know that!! ...and appreciate CGI software which reacts that way to your visitors.
May 2013: While here, looking for a truly versatile multi purpose Guest Book type program?
Have a look at the new VizBookPhoenix major 2013 upgrade.
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Unix, NT, Win 2000 servers. December 2001 v 2.72 is neither an upgrade or fix. File locking options have been included for servers not supporting internal file locking functions - ie Win 2000. Config variables have been moved to a separate file ready for future upgrades.

v2.72 will install straight over 2.7 installations.

  • Count Hyperlinks
  • Redirect links
  • Externallinks (from)
  • Local site links Record
  • click-throughs View
  • totals list Count E-Mail
  • promo clicks
  • Add / Delete links
  • Edit link URLs
  • Reset link Counts
  • Test links - no count
  • Create link tags
  • Simple installation
  • Count file downloads
a free-to-use Perl CGI script • For intermediate-level installation experience
Late 2010: Major new upgrade waiting for packaging and new web site to be released with major upgrades also of ListMerge / E-Lists / Vizbook plus new site search program and other utility!
....I've been looking for a 'click counting' script for months. Your LnkInLite is perfect (even I could install it!) I had never seen a 'makedir' file like yours, sure made the installation easy. Great looking admin interface also. I'll be adding a couple of links to your pages later. Thanks again,
The original... we devised after realising this need back in December '98; now being copied by others noticing its popularity but who just *miss the point!
Designed for *simplicity and...
• restricted on-site link click counting,
off-site (in to) click counting,
• file DOWNLOADS click counting,
E-Mail imbedded Promo click counting - PC or web based,
hidden destination links / files,
since late '98 and still very popular!
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**LnkinLite still uses efficient server resource friendly flat file data files, so it
will avoid any licensing problems which may arise from the mySQL sellout (2010).
**LnkinLite DOES NOT use MySQL!

LnkinLite Unix Perl 5 CGI is a versatile free-to-use Hyperlink usage counter and redirect script. Simple Link Names and URLs added to the data file can also be edited via the Admin Page. The called script updates the counts and then redirects to the required URL.

Any time you need to add one of the links to your pages, or send a URL copy to another site, or add a new temporary promo link to any e-mail texts, admin will generate the correct hyperlink HTML and E-mail Text tags for a simple copy and paste action by you in to the relevant file.

If you want a complex "affiliate" program this is NOT for you!
If you want a logging program this is NOT for you ( severlogs / site counters are for that! ).
But if you want to efficiently track by simple count totals which hyperlinks within your site are most commonly used and which "exit" links are most popular then LnkinLite IS for you.... without process slowing logging of "gimmick" data real webmasters know they already receive by other means.
• LnkinLite even safely counts external link URLs supplied to other sites AND protects your local links.
LnkinLite is also an excellant tool for adding "promo response checking" to ANY e-mailed text URLs, and counting DOWNLOADS!

• LnkinLite is popular amongst commercial and business sites; typical feedback is reported by Clint Krismer of, "LnkinLite ....fills a significant void in our ability to track link performance,...."

The actual redirect URL is hidden, only representative names are used!

• Individual links can be access-blocked from remote copies of your pages or a browser command line ( note v2.71 bug fix ).

• No program and site bloating of useless log info experienced webmasters know they already obtain elsewhere - simple, fast, efficient.

• We have viewed several client admin pages listing many hundreds of counted links on single web pages.

• LnkinLite will even work from a JS drop menu link list, but our JumpNcount program is written as a separate URL click counting drop-menu-redirect usage recorder.

• E-Lists and ListMerge v2.3 - early 2002 - link directly to LnkinLite admin for quick generate/copy/paste of named counted email promo links in sent emails. But as a stand alone efficient simple program LnkinLite Perl CGI can be used for many site link requirements.

One simple program
LnkinLite can be used to count links TO your site as well as hyperlinks within your site, similar to affiliate linking but without account management. If another site is going to link to yours, create and send them a unique <a href... tag.

SAMPLE admin page - ( opens a new window ).

professional installations
for those willing to support my free-to-use programs.

Thomas Eicker -
Dear Mr Woolley, I installed your program and: it's great, easy and very effective! My site is a lexicon with about 750 links and growing which I changed to Lnkinlte. Now I can see how often visitors use my links.
That's good information! Regards, Thomas Eicker

The counting and redirecting of links into your site from other sites is handled easily by LnkinLite, and includes an attractive totals viewer and link adding/editing page accessed by password; also ideal for checking banner ad click-throughs, reciprocal links from other sites etc.

 Use LnkinLite for mail list mail-out...  Promo Tracking 
• Don't just add links to your mail-outs! - if using "Listmerge" to bulk mail-out to E-Lists lists (new window samples), then by also creating named links via the LnkinLite program the link code is generated suitable for including it in the ListMerge saved mailing texts for each list (or any other similar PC / Browser mail merging program). You can then have a "response check" by counting the response success rate for any number of return or promo links included in mail-outs - see what works, what needs changing next time, etc.

NOTE: These scripts are created as working programs for webmasters, and not the common "play with and learn" free scripts found on some sites. If you are affronted by this, then please use someone else's programs.

All programs include utilities to check Unix perl version, plus create and chmod directories and files - works on most sites - and a detailed HTML help page.


Future Enhanced version? will be available from...



Copyright Australia & 130+ countries per Berne Convention; including USA!
To obtain this program you must have an "attachment" enabled
e-mail POP account and a Javascript enabled browser.
Poorly set up PC Firewalls and hidden ISPs may block your request
...and do not complain if using NS default caching!
Extract the selected compressed file in a local-computer directory before proper FTP up loading and it will place all files into the suggested directories. You must read 'readme.htm' and alter the configuration variables in the config files before FTP posting to your site.
Your POP account must be able to receive MIME "attachments"
You will also need your existing unique Tracking Number!
OR click if you have Forgotten your **Tracking Number?
OR to obtain **Tracking Number Click Here [ get once for all ]
ALL but Subscribe are "Required"
**Tracking Number
Select - difference is CR/LF or LF line ends
*First Name
*E-Mail Address
*Repeat Address
*Site URL site for which this installation is intended
note: empty attached .zip files are the product of ISP filtering, not the sending process ! ...particularly evident too with "free" email accounts; bounces from which our system simply ignores.

NOT for install help, but users can access the forum
processed by ennyForms v2.1Rp
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