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**[ Ol' faithful ]
• Create headers, message and signature texts • Multiple Lists - One Script •
• Mail Out to your e-mail lists - from standard or E-Lists cgi format •

Create list-specific mail texts, then merge addresses

version 2.3h

Unix Perl 5 CGI
e-mail list Bulk Mailer script.
NT / Win 2000 IF WITH NT Sendmail.
• home of the unique VizBook and ennyForms, E-Lists / ListMerge mailing, and LogCount, the versatile site counting / logging program.
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Prefessional discretion
and privacy assured.


Program created by Ron Woolley.

Don't Ever Give Up!
If you use a PC Firewall like pathetic Nortons and think it a good idea to switch off browser referrer info - which the server has already obtained anyway, or use a browser like NS which by default set-up stupidly uses cache totally as if off-line, then this and any server has the right to consider you a risk and you will experience problems because of lack of STANDARD HTTP conversation protocols. But of course as a webmaster on a network you should already know that!! ...and appreciate CGI software which reacts that way to your visitors.
May 2013: While here, looking for a truly versatile multi purpose Guest Book type program?
Have a look at the new VizBookPhoenix major 2013 upgrade.
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>> usage questions to author forum.
ONE easy to use compact window manages each lists mailing prep/sending
* denotes applicable to each separate lists newsletter
  • Many lists, one program
  • *Edit Header or Intro texts
  • *Edit newsletter body texts
  • *Edit signature texts
  • *Edit 'From' fields
  • *Edit 'Subject' fields
  • *Merge E-Lists fields
  • *Newsletter 'Attachments'
  • *Newsletter 'Format Change' links
  • 'Mailing in progress' warnings
  • Backup Original mail lists
  • Address-only lists too!
  • Merge any vertical list
  • Progressive mail-out
  • Administration pages
  • Time Zone configure
  • US or British dates
  • Simple installation
  • *Save newsletter templates
  • *Newsletter 'UN-Subscibe' links
  • *Un-Subscribers logged
  • 2 mailing modes
Combine with E-Lists versatile address subscribing program
Only program always designed, since late '98, primarily with the vast majority of "shared server" hosted web site owners and inherent mailing restrictions in mind.
**referred to as "ol' faithful" because of the number of shared hosted web site webmasters who try the rest and report returning to ListMerge and it's complex no-nonsense versatile methods.
a free-to-use Perl CGI script • For intermediate-level installation experience
Late 2010: Major new upgrade waiting for packaging and to be released with new site & major upgrades also of E-Lists / LnkinLite / Vizbook plus new site search program and other utility!
NOTE: v2.3+ created for direct installation by user webmasters on the user webmasters site at NO COST, OR professionally installed by the author, ONLY... or also at NO COST to the user webmaster by Non contributing so called web designers etc.
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• E-Lists is a self contained Subscribing program - and does not perform bulk mail outs!. However...
• ListMerge is a self contained Mail Merge program.
Therefore any program can be used to subscribe - even our ennyForms!
**E-Lists and ListMerge still use efficient server resource friendly flat file data files,
so they will avoid any licensing problems which may arise from the mySQL sellout (2010).
we must keep repeating above as some just grab free-to-use stuff without reading
much and expect the same retrictions of other subscribing programs!
Read the list above and you will understand why....
There are mailing list programs available which also manage mail-outs and may first "appear" more powerful.
E-Lists is actually divided into TWO programs, E-Lists and ListMerge,
     versatility... use together or separately.

**E-Lists / ListMerge DO NOT use MySQL!

ennyForms can also Subscribe/Un-Subscribe to..
and VizBook can export addresses to..
.. ListMerge Plain or HTML mailing options!
E-Lists allows Subscriber selected Plain OR HTML mailings
AND subscribers can return and choose the alternative!

Combined these programs offer unique options and versatility other free-to-use and purchased programs do not... ennyForms, VizBook, plus E-Lists with their unique multiple format list saving for personalised merged mail-outs via PC or Browser, and ListMerge with the rare ability to merge and send large mail-outs in batches to appease host services or avoid crashes on slow mail servers. Each program is described on its own page.

..... All of my members have been very pleased with the quality of the mailings, especially the HTML ones. Very nice indeed! Keep up the good work.
  Best Regards,   Shawn Anderson

ListMerge v2.3+ can work with NT ONLY IF the server has access to NT 'Sendmail' or a true NT/Win 2000 Sendmail clone - file locking alternative for Win 2000 inbuilt!

Bulk Mailing:
• Most mailing problems are a product of site and/or mail server resource time slicing.
• Direct SMTP is three parts useless on shared hosting web servers for mass mailing!
• Sendmail (Unix and NT) is a "queuing program - queues mail to the mail server.
• ListMerge is written honestly for use on shared hosting servers (vast majority)... no misleading claims... yet still performing well on dedicated site servers.
• To suggest you send a "copy" of a normal complex web page to be viewed in an e-mail client program as THE newsletter is stupid - plenty of tutes on the web about that!!
NO large bulk mailing can be processed within seconds even if some kid makes a program "appear" to do so.

Jan 2002: We've done another 19,000 mailing today and ...... it has been running flawlessly. AS ADVERTISED!
Patrick Egan. VP Marketing, Catalyst Systems

How many subscribers can ListMerge mail out to?
That is a moot point for any mailing program. It all depends on the site/mail servers. It is easy to knock up a mailing program, put it through its paces with a simulated mailing on a home PC and then call out; "Hey Mum, look at this. It works! I can guarantee it sends to squillions of addresses"; But in the "real" world unfortunately many webmasters rarely discover much of their list members never receive anything!! ListMerge 2.3 offers option for reliable dedicated servers AND shared hosted sites.... the author has always understood the real world difference.

*E-Lists (separate program) is a stand-alone Subscribing program with full list management options. *E-Lists / ennyForms can save to mail lists for PC downloading OR for web based mail merging via ListMerge.
*E-Lists / ennyForms subscribing saves in five different list "types" handy for some PC based mail merging programs. *E-Lists / ennyForms subscribing allows the new list member to nominate either Plain Text or HTML received newsletters. This versatility remains and has been appreciated by many since late '98.

Having said that, ListMerge is also a stand-alone program for web based mail merging - no subscribing functions.

*When mailing from restrictive shared hosting servers (most web sites) ListMerge has always allowed you to send each newsletter in "batches", AND keeps track of who did and who is yet to receive a newsletter between "batches"; even after a CGI or browser crash.....

*Two mailing modes, one standard generally for dedicated servers without CGI run time limits, another slightly slower for most hosted web sites ensuring safe recording of addresses SENT/WAITING in batch mode even after almost any server restriction crashes.

*A 'mailing in progress' notice is flagged to in-progress mailouts blocking accidental reactivation of batch mailing until prior is completed - or "killed" by the server after a run time violation.

Therefore you can even close the program and return later to check on progress - or perhaps even activate another lists 'batch' mailing while the other is in progress - if you dare!!.

*20 page installation and mailing advice off-line readme, plus pop-up help pages in program.

*Installation assisted for the diverse server requirements out there in the real world, but NO unreliable auto install system.

*Recognised by ListMerge, E-Lists and enneyForms subscribing saves submissions in one of FIVE mail list formats (types), applicable to each list individually:
  type 0. Address,Name,Date
  type 1. Address,Name
  type 2. Name,Address
  type 3. Address only
  type 4. Address,Date
A ListMerge type 5 list is one the program cannot recognise as one of the above and attempts to strip the address from each list record. ListMerge type 5 lists are not to be confused with E-Lists type 5.

*ListMerge can handle the above mail list versatility offered by E-Lists / ennyForms. Therefore you can use one or the other program or both on your web site depending on your needs/preferences. But because ListMerge is an independant program it can be installed by itself just mailing from plain text vertical mail lists.

*ListMerge configuration allows you to define file extensions, and field separators if applicable, of mail lists created by resources other than the default for E-Lists/ennyForms/ListMerge.

*ListMerge uses safe COPIES of your mail lists. In fact savvy webmasters were always aware that if a mail list was destroyed, ListMerge had a reasonable copy available - albeit a little out of date most of the time if not regularly refreshed.

*ListMerge keeps track of which list members have been processed and which have not - during a mailout session. So if a mailout has to be performed in "batches" because of shared server problems (most hosted web sites) each mailing session cannot be interfered with by subscriptions/un-subscriptions during that session... which can take minutes, hours or for some webmasters, days! New list members arriving during a batch mailout session can be updated to ListMerge IF you want to bother, although un-subscribers cannot.

*ListMerge always allowed you to build a newsletter from header, body, and signature texts plus if required a newsletter of one complete HTML page, so you can create top/bottom commonality perhaps just changing the body text each week/month.

*A popular request, v2.3 allows you to save each newsletter for particular mail lists ALSO as a recoverable named "templates" if preferred.

*ALSO because E-Lists and ennyForms subscribing allows EACH subscribing list member to nominate either TEXT or HTML received newsletters, ListMerge can mail each member a newsletter version OF THEIR CHOICE!

*A unique option via E-Lists since early 2000, ListMerge v2.3 now allows you to include in every newsletter the option for each list member to CHANGE their newsletter FORMAT at any time direct from their newsletter - something which will impress members as thoughtful as HTML emails remain somewhat hated by many, or perhaps their choice just turns out to be a bummer when loaded by their email client program.

*ListMerge 2.3+ applies a time block on repeat submissions from the same source through newsletter un-sub and format-change remote links. This should help reduce mouse "button bounce" double clicking and other? problems.

*If you prefer, ListMerge 2.3 with MIME "attachment" capabilities will allow you to send both a Text (personalised) newsletter with an HTML version (not personalised) 'attached' - and not using/offering the E-Lists/ListMerge "change format" options.

*ListMerge has always allowed you to send test newsletters to yourself as many times as needed while refining the content - both Text and HTML versions together if applicable; and now with MIME attachments too if specified.

*ListMerge newsletters look professional when viewed with list specific mail headers displaying 'From' address, name / alias, subject, organisation, your locality date stamping... easily quickly identified amongst all the trash mail one receives these days.

*Honest program: No programming gimmicks are used appearing to be fast when indeed server cgi retriction crashes result in many addresses not being submitted; and that you don't know about!! - even if crashed ListMerge has always maintained track of where it's at; who else to send to once the program is restarted - written for the common "hosted" shared web servers... but still works well on expensive dedicated site/mail servers.

*ListMerge also allows ethical UN-Subscribing directly from your newsletter (also handy for removing 'bounced' letter addresses from lists IF your POP account returns mail copies with bounce notices!). NOTE too often inexperienced webmasters expect a way to auto delete bounced mail via standard cgi programs. 'Bounces are a product of the mail server system transacting (or not) with other mail servers - and has nothing directly to do with your web site.

*Now each address UN-Subscribed via the imbedded newsletter links are kept in a log with several options... from simply deleting the log occasionally to creating separate lists of UN-subscribers or even remove again from original if a damaged list is rebuilt from the back-ups. Whatever, the options are there if needed.

*v2.3 introduces a MIME "attachment" feature. You can easily add an attachment to each newsletter; perhaps a small graphic image business card, paid featured advert image or html page, a free special/bonus edition newsletter, html or .doc form to fill out/print and Fax back, etc.... whatever. note: while NOT generally recommended, ennyForms v2.1+ will allow specific forms to be processed remotely too! ...hmmm.

*ListMerge / E-Lists v2.3+ / ennyForms v2.1+ record Format Change request trends, plus a permanent record of total un-subscribers - both simple running totals for each list displayed by ListMerge... program and site bloating useless gimmick detailed logs are NOT supported - serious webmasters make better use of broad general trends!

*ListMerge 2.3+ / E-Lists 2.3+ can be used to occasionally back-up each original mail list (NOTE: auto "cron job" backup is NOT supported as same simply backs-up corrupt mail lists too, destroying any chance of major recovery... better to lose a few new subscribers than all permanently!!).

*E-Lists v2.3 (early 2002) can generate and keep running logs of random "winners" addresses saved as special temporary mail lists. This exclusive simple new option can be recognised easily by ListMerge as special mailing lists. NOTE: "winners" is just a program reference and how you define/use such lists may depend on local state or national legislation governing "lotteries".

ONE easy to use compact mailing page
As long as ListMerge knows where to find the original lists, the script creates safe copies and data files for each list and has always allowed you to create and save different header, message, and signature texts OR HTML formatted text (latter early 2000) for sending as the body text for each list mail-out... (Text / HTML by each list memebrs CHOICE).

Batch Mail Processing
(implimented first release beginning of '99) A popular and useful feature
for ListMerge's script driven mailing is the ability to send to list addresses in blocks, progress recorded, to reduce the load on the Host Mail Server for large mail-outs (and stop you from being banned by your host service once lists become large! This option is not to be underestimated for serious list managers on hosted web sites as the next step is "big bucks" dedicated servers).

professional installations
for those willing to support my free-to-use programs.

Using LnkinLite for mail list mail-out Promo Tracking
Don't just add links to your mail-outs! - if using ListMerge to mail-out to E-Lists or ennyForms lists, then by also creating named links via the LnkinLite program the link code is generated suitable for including it in the ListMerge (or any other) mail texts. You can then have a "response check" by counting the response success rate for any number of return or promo links included in mail-outs.
Because it is a simple separate program LnkinLite can be used for other external/internal link counting too!

I have installed your Elists and ListMerge and I think that are excellent scripts and they are very very easy to install, I tried several alike scripts before and I had many problems. Your instructions are very clear and if followed they are working in minutes....
   Manuel Correa - Mexico City, Mexico

A Unix script, there are two configuration files supplied (one common to all the authors programs) and although the 'works' are fairly simple, ListMerge generates fully formatted administration pages accessed via an 'access' password. Editing of the newsletter texts and program options setup is protected by a second encrypted password, and both passwords can be changed via the admin pages.

NOTE: These scripts are created as working programs for webmasters, and not the common "play with and learn" free scripts found on some sites. If you are affronted by this, then please use someone else's programs.

Supplied program includes utilities to check Unix perl version, plus create and chmod directories and files - works on most sites - and a detailed README HTML 'frames' set.

Just want to say a BIG Thanks for ListMerge program. So good. So professional.
....Thanks a lot again!   Daniel Gustavsson

An Enhanced version? will become available at:



Have you read above about LnkinLite and E-Lists?

Copyright Australia & 130+ countries per Berne Convention; including USA!
To obtain this program you must have an "attachment" enabled
e-mail POP account and a Javascript enabled browser.
Poorly set up PC Firewalls and hidden ISPs may block your request
...and do not complain if using NS default caching!

Extract the selected compressed file in a local-computer directory before proper FTP up loading and it will place all files into the suggested directories. You must read 'readme.htm' and alter the configuration variables in the config files before FTP posting to your site.

NOTE: v2.3+ created for direct installation by user webmasters on the user webmasters site at NO COST, OR professionally installed by the author, ONLY... or also at NO COST to the user webmaster by Non contributing so called web designers etc.

Your POP account must be able to receive MIME "attachments"
You will also need your existing unique Tracking Number!
OR click if you have Forgotten your **Tracking Number?
OR to obtain **Tracking Number Click Here [ get once for all ]
ALL but Subscribe are "Required"
**Tracking Number
Select - difference is CR/LF or LF line ends
*First Name
*E-Mail Address
*Repeat Address
*Site URL site for which this installation is intended
note: empty attached .zip files are the product of ISP filtering, not the sending process ! ...particularly evident too with "free" email accounts; bounces from which our system simply ignores.

NOT for install help, but users can access the forum
processed by ennyForms v2.1Rp
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