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E-Lists • Variable Format Records • Multiple Lists - One Script •
• Build e-mail lists for your e-mail programs' mail merge utility •

Create mail-out lists for On-line and Off-line mailing

version 2.2

Unix Perl 5 CGI
E-Mail List Suscriber script.
• home of the unique VizBook and ennyForms, E-Lists / ListMerge mailing, and LogCount, the versatile site counting / logging program.
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Prefessional discretion
and privacy assured.


Program created by Ron Woolley.

If you use a PC Firewall like pathetic Nortons and think it a good idea to switch off browser referrer info - which the server has already obtained anyway, or use a browser like NS which by default set-up stupidly uses cache totally as if off-line, then this and any server has the right to consider you a risk and you will experience problems because of lack of STANDARD HTTP conversation protocols. But of course as a webmaster on a network you should already know that!! ...and appreciate CGI software which reacts that way to your visitors.
May 2013: While here, looking for a truly versatile multi purpose Guest Book type program?
Have a look at the new VizBookPhoenix major 2013 upgrade.
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>> usage questions to author forum.
  • Many lists, one program
  • Simple forms - with options
  • Five list formats
  • *E-mail address only
  • *E-mail + Name
  • *Name + E-mail
  • *E-mail + Name + Date
  • *E-mail + Date
  • Subscribe / Un-Subscribe
  • Preferred return URL
  • Response UN-Sub URL
  • Success page override
  • Pop-Up Window support
  • Secure list creation
  • Address syntax check
  • Administration controlled
  • Edit response letter
  • Delete addresses
  • List/View addresses
  • List Search / Delete
  • HTML mail OPT-IN
  • Time Zone configure
  • US, British, Intrnat. dates
  • Easy installation
  • Success loopback (no page)
  • Site Match output pages
  • REDISPLAYS form for syntax errors - NOT just an error notice
  • user can select *HTML or *Plain Text email - ListMerge option
  • subscriber can easily swap between html/plain *formats
  • designed for PC (list download) & Web (browser) mail-outs
  • reject single addresses AND provider domains - ie free POPs
  • list types allow personalised mail merging
  • your forms on your pages - options for each - if needed
  • edit/create texts for each list's auto response mail
  • send BLANK mails to auto-subscribe lists (no save - no text)
  • subscribe verification option confirm via auto-response link
  • test any forms page/mail output without subscribing!
  • deactivate/reactivate "allowed" mail lists readily via admin
  • easily add extra advertising texts etc in each forms auto response
a free-to-use Perl CGI script • For intermediate-level installation experience
Combine E-Lists with ListMerge 2.3h bulk mailer
Late 2010: Major new upgrade waiting for packaging and new web site to be released with major upgrades also of ListMerge / LnkinLite / Vizbook plus new site search program and other utility!
The original (but enhanced)
E-Lists 2.2
address-only E-Lists form - auto subscribe
E-Mail:   Subscribe
address-only & HTML option - auto subscribe
E-Mail:   Subscribe
Receive mail in HTML format
address-only E-Lists form - subscribe / unsubscribe
Subscribe     Un-subscribe

address-only E-Lists form - address confirm
E-Mail Address:
Repeat E-Mail Address:
Subscribe     Un-subscribe
address & name E-Lists form - mail personalising
Your E-Mail:
Your Name:
Receive your mail in HTML format
   Subscribe     Un-subscribe
install in conjunction with version 2.0+ ListMerge which bulk mails
'unique' Plain and/or HTML mailouts - depending on subscriber choice!

Read the list above and you will understand why....
There are mailing list programs available that also manage mail-outs and first "appear" more powerful. E-Lists is in reality divided into TWO programs, E-Lists and ListMerge - use together or separately.

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• E-Lists is a self contained Subscribing program - and does not perform bulk mail outs!. However...
• ListMerge is a self contained Mail Merge program.
Therefore any program can be used to subscribe - even our ennyForms!
**E-Lists and ListMerge still use efficient server resource friendly flat file data files,
so they will avoid any licensing problems which may arise from the mySQL sellout (2010).
ennyForms can also Subscribe/Un-Subscribe to..
and VizBook can export addresses to..
.. ListMerge Plain or HTML mailing options!
E-Lists allows Subscriber selected Plain OR HTML mailings
AND subscribers can return and choose the alternative!
**E-Lists / ListMerge DO NOT use MySQL!

Both programs combined offer unique options and versatility other free-to-use and purchased programs do not... E-Lists with its multiple format list saving for personalised merged mail-outs via PC or Browser, and ListMerge with the rare ability to merge and send large mail-outs in batches to appease host services or avoid crashes on "cgi run-time limited" mail servers. Each program is described on its own page.

NOTE: "E-Lists", "ListMerge", "ennyForms", and "VizBook" mail list options are now FULLY compatible. E-Lists and ennyForms allow user selected "plain text" or "HTML" subscribing mail lists compatible with ListMerge mail merging.

Michael Poythress. Birmingham, AL, USA
Hi! I would first off like to thank you for an incredible combination of programs with E-Lists and ListMerge! It has been tremendously helpful, ....

E-Lists Perl 5 CGI is a versatile free e-mail contact list generator created for both on-line AND the mail merge utilities built into many "local pc" e-mail programs. Excellent for allowing your visitors to register for upgrade notification, newsletter registration, new product reviews etc etc - and you can allow people to UN-Subscribe themselves simply by adding two radio buttons to the form, and select (and later change) mail "html/plain" formats; this is a clever little program with the five personalising options....

Easily prepare the list via admin, then add a new form!
Only requiring simple setup pre planning (common lists name-extension), a minor change to each simple form used on your site enables registration to as many different lists as you require. List creation is via admin (now protected via an admin list of allowed lists). Each visitor entry receives an auto response confirming registration OR requesting confirmation, and EACH list be can mail-merge configured for:
  • address only,
  • address and name,
  • name and address,
  • address and date/time
  • address and name and date/time
    - field delimiting character pre-set in config.

• Just add a checkbox to any form allowing the user to select whether they want to receive mailouts as Plain Text OR HTML formatted - "ListMerge" compatible! - OR they can return and change over at any time if the HTML option does not work with their mail program - or visa versa!

NOTE: notice the above E-Lists exclusive "user choice Plain Text OR HTML" option. Other programs now offering text / HTML mailouts either only let the webmaster decide at mail-out time which it is to be, or send both!!!. 1) Many mail list members do NOT like HTML e-mail (historical fact) or their email client cannot parse HTML email. 2) Some PC email client programs when sent HTML email offer the receiver a choice of viewing as text or HTML browser - but texts viewed can be unreadable due to "richtext" conflicts (ie yellow or white!! text etc from the html code). E-Lists exclusively lets your list member choose which they want to receive AND INDIVIDUALLY return and change their preference at any time..... (also a "remote change" option DIRECT from your subscriber forms AND ListMerge newsletters.. the original programs to support this unique feature).

• All generated response pages can be easily edited to make the pages match your site - even the unique redisplay of form; with input - input errors.

• Deactivate/Reactivate any mail list via admin. just remove them from the new secure "allowed" process or permantly delete a complete list and dat files.

• Exclusive: Test your subscription forms at any time without actually subscribing!.... useful option when checking mail response texts and html edits etc.

Adam Cook. Sydney, Australia
Hi Ron,
.... installed your Elists and ListMerge scripts and I think they are great! The scripts were very easy to install and get running, and they are incredibly versatile, with a great deal of useful functionality. Great job!!

• An option not all users will need is the ability to have a form submissions address mailed on to an existing auto-subscribe mechanism - many hosts supply subscribed list facilities accessed simply via an address....
E-Lists allows site commonality by using E-Lists forms for these subscriptions too! - no list is added to by the program and no mail is sent back to the subscriber - that would be handled by the existing receiving auto subscribe / responder mechanism.

Two Subscribe Verification options
1. user confirms via auto-response mail link - ensures legitimate user/address has been submitted.
2. E-Lists can compare TWO address inputs (similar to familiar double password verification) to lessen the number of address spelling mistakes.

On-line OR Off-line!
five list formats - If you use a PC program like the excellent Pegasus Mail's PC based mail merge facility, the securely FTP down loaded list file can be easily integrated into formatted and personalised e-mail contacts with your registered visitors. For web mail merging try our "ListMerge" program.

professional installations
for those willing to support my free-to-use programs.

Rejection Lists
Each E-Lists list can have its own rejection list admin created/edited rejecting:
• full addresses -
• full domains -
• part domains - hisherdomain.
....setup this way to also allow rejection of "free" mail addresses etc

• Each E-Lists list can have its own webmasters Address, webmasters Name, and Organisation stamp in the response headers.

• All Ron Woolley's admin supported programs have ALWAYS required double (two) passwords for access and editing (if you do not appreciate why, find it bothersome, and don't care that you may often allow other sites to discover your single passwords to various admin applications editing... we even discover same occassionally via our own version of LogCount... then please do not complain!)

If syntax errors are detected:
Original release exclusive: E-Lists still regenerates a form with users input data for correction; ie does not just generate an error message.
.....If the "forced name" entry option is used then both an address AND name box will appear in this new window.

LINK to working samples - opens new window.

Using LnkinLite for mail list mail-out Promo Tracking
Don't just add links to your mail-outs! - if using ListMerge to mail-out to the E-Lists lists, then by also creating named links via the LnkinLite program the link code is generated suitable for including it in the ListMerge (or any other) mail texts. You can then have a "response check" by counting the response success rate for any number of return or promo links included in mail-outs.

LnkinLite integration ready
• E-Lists admin will display an access button to "LnkinLite" if that program is installed; for easy counted link generation and pasting in to an E-Lists form response text - also created/edited via admin.

ListMerge cgi is also available for personalised mail text editing and bulk mail-outs merging to each E-Lists, ennyForms, or even VizBook saved list formats (and other standard vertical lists) via your browser.
• Accepting the multiple mail list formats, a separate "ListMerge" means your sites mail-outs are not confined to the Subscriber program!!
  Also read "About Mail Servers" on the ListMerge page.

Search and Delete
Addresses can be removed individually, OR by search matching and selection. The search facility will find matches in addresses, names, even dates.

List Viewing
Although this option soon becomes redundant with large lists, the admin page for each list does include the ability to display address list contents.

Bruce M Jones. Dalton GA USA
This is the second time I have filled out your form. The first time I told you I used LogCount, VizBook, CopThis and ennyForms. ....I have changed to E-list since it became available and so far E-list and Listmerge has worked great.

Admin Access.
Unlike early versions, admin is now a complex separate program allowing access to each lists rejection list, search/delete, view, auto response text, and the secure enabling of "allowed" lists, site matching/editing of generated pages, etc
("allowed" lists supports the temporary or permanant shutting down of list subscriptions - even copied forms cannot later be used to subscribe!!).

Export Lists to .txt or .csv files
E-Lists admin does allow you to save a copy of any list to delimited vertical lists should the default file extension not be suitable for spreadsheet/database importing. Either .txt or .csv extensions can be used, quote wrapped fields option, selected delimiter.

A Unix Perl program using Sendmail
There are several configuration 'require' files attached and although the 'works' are fairly straight forward, E-Lists generates fully formatted administration pages accessed via an 'access' password. Deleting from the e-mail lists and script setup is then protected by a second encrypted password, and both passwords can be changed via the admin page.

NOTE: versions 2.2 onwards: This is the same program as before but rewritten; with enhancements. Previous forms will have to be changed (simple tag changes) and the auxiliary file structure is very different. BUT original mail lists will not have to change!!

G Moore
Hi, I emailed you a few hours ago regarding my need of a custom form. Sorry for the inconvenience but it appears I've managed to figure it out after all. I've just done a test run of it and subscribed myself to the system and I have to say it's amazing. It's not the correct forum for praise I know but I just wanted to let you know how much I like this script. Thanks again...

NOTE: These scripts are created as working programs for webmasters, and not the common "play with and learn" free scripts found on some sites. If you are affronted by this, then please use someone else's programs.

  All programs include utilities to check Unix perl version, plus create and chmod directories and files - works on most sites - and a detailed HTML help page.  

Future Enhanced version? will be available from...


Copyright Australia
& 130+ countries per Berne Convention and other treaties; including USA!

Have you read above about LnkinLite and ListMerge?

Copyright Australia & 130+ countries per Berne Convention; including USA!
To obtain this program you must have an "attachment" enabled
e-mail POP account and a Javascript enabled browser.
Poorly set up PC Firewalls and hidden ISPs may block your request
...and do not complain if using NS default caching!
Extract the selected compressed file in a local-computer directory before proper FTP up loading and it will place all files into the suggested directories. You must read 'readme.htm' and alter the configuration variables in the config files before FTP posting to your site.
Your POP account must be able to receive MIME "attachments"
You will also need your existing unique Tracking Number!
OR click if you have Forgotten your **Tracking Number?
OR to obtain **Tracking Number Click Here [ get once for all ]
ALL but Subscribe are "Required"
**Tracking Number
Select - difference is CR/LF or LF line ends
*First Name
*E-Mail Address
*Repeat Address
*Site URL site for which this installation is intended
note: empty attached .zip files are the product of ISP filtering, not the sending process ! ...particularly evident too with "free" email accounts; bounces from which our system simply ignores.

NOT for install help, but users can access the forum
processed by ennyForms v2.1Rp
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