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The three boxes below contain Template Fields which can be EXACTLY copied into your message where applicable.
<<siteis>> can be replaced, but you should include the site URL <<url>>, and the senders e-mail address <<from>>; imparting a personal feel to the message. Do not go overboard creating an advertisement for your site, it will completely betray its purpose. Final check: Send a message to yourself.

NOTE • the default URL will be overridden if a form contains the "mailrtrn" hidden tag.

<<siteis>> DTP / HTML Tutorials


This Text Box is 65 characters wide.
• A variable in the config file sets the WIDTH of:
1) the message box which appears in the regenerated syntax-error form IF a user adds their own message AND you have used that option, and
2) the maximum number of characters allowed PER LINE of the 'additional message' text in the friends e-mails (the extra message text will be chopped in to short lines where necessary).
• A value entered here will be that default value and the textarea box wrapping will be 'VIRTUAL', BUT NOTE if the value is zero "0" the textarea box wrapping will be 'OFF' and line lengths will NOT be checked.

Enter a new value ( or 0 ) to reset, then save!

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Hi Friend Name... a message from Sender Name. --------------------------------------
Right now I am visiting DTP / HTML Tutorials
and it has some great stuff that will probably interest
you too. So I suggest you use the URL below and have a
look for your self.

E-Mail me at senders@email
and let me know what you think.

The URL is:

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