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home of the free E-Lists/ListMerge mailing combination
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A list of available Unix Perl 5 CGI scripts
progras include US, British, International, date formatting and Remote Server time zones.
Webmaster ready Perl 5+ Unix CGI programs

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UNIX programs requiring Sendmail. Page updated 2003


All programs access a common time/date dat file. Change a common value once - change all.

Beginning with the first E-Lists version late '98 the program was written to save to various formats of ASCII vertical lists containing:

*Address,Name,Date *Address,Name *Name,Address *Address, plus early this year *Address,Date.
• E-Lists was popular for both downloading to PC for local mail merging, AND web based mail merging.
• ListMerge handles this list type versatility and will accept a couple of list formats from other programs too (and works off all safe copies - not the original lists).
• ListMerge has been given the "option" of recognising in lists, or manually sending to all, HTML formatted mailouts depending on subscribers choice.

So, E-Lists, ennyForms, and even VizBook can save to these list formats; each program containing common format variables which are also handled by ListMerge.... have as many lists as you want to OR even ALL to just one list!! (and those programs - except VizBook - will also save records with an e-mail HTML or Plain Text identifier.... subscriber selected)

• E-Lists also allows users to "Re-Subscribe" - not duplicate - to reverse their HTML/Plain Text option!
• ennyForms can be used for "Subscribe/UN-Subscribe" only forms too, but will of course save to lists from a large form containing other input objects also (ie checkbox OR hidden subscribe tag).
• ennyForms can also add the "HTML" option to an address list record, plus ignore and not save an existing address OR even STOP form submission if the address exists (ie on the latter - allow only one access to a page per subscription; which perhaps also contains hidden links managed by LnkinLite!
• LnkinLite can be used for site only AND remote link counting/access.
• As a stand-alone program, LnkinLite enables the creation of hyperlinks for imbedding in to the mailed autoresponse texts sent by E-Lists, VizBook, ennyForms, AND the mail merging processes of ListMerge - excellent for promo text link assessment/counting.
• LnkinLite can allow OR block access to remote copies of individual hidden URL hyperlinks.

Webmaster Mike - Image Marketing Services
Comments: I've downloaded several of your scripts and they all worked as advertised. IMS has designed over 240 e-commerce enabled web sites for clients and I'll add your link and scripts to some of their pages.

Jeff Hamman. Philadelphia, PA
Been working with and LOVE all your scripts! ....

2002: 3 weeks ago I didn't know what a script was. After d/l and receiving every error one could imagine from a form to email script it was time to move on to our own guestbook. After being intimidated by the information I found here I opted to try some "free" scripts. Well more errors, and very little in the way of help files. I had seen the area on your site where you install your scripts onto sites and thought at the worst I could always just pay you to get this script working.

The help files on their own are well worth the small donation I am making as not only did the script work without a single problem (ok one problem I forgot my admin password) but the files directed me to a huge security problem I had within the directory of my site. I just can't say enough good things about this guestbook package it is complete, and the help files make it very easy to install. Thanks, and please keep up the good work. R K, Ca. (personal info witheld by request)

 I agree, this page is a bit? overloaded, but it does help with search engines

2010: Future Upgrades will become available via my other site:

LogCount Perl CGI Site and Page counter
Most site-hit counting needs in one simple program.

LogCount perl cgi is a versatile FREE-to-use web site hit counter script written for UNIX Perl 5 and is used on this site installed to an Apache powered server. The counter script is not large, allows you to use your own images, and includes several handy features enabling it to control all the hit logging needs of most web sites including a time display. LogCount can be called from an Image Source tag, a Hyperlink tag, or a Server Side Include tag. The latter allows you to 'include' the output as normal text on a web page if your server allows SSI calls. Individual Displayed Page counters are possible while still updating the site log. A separate file is used to record the number of times visitors click hyperlinks on your site plus admin tasks plus generated counter tags for easy copy and paste, and LogCount comes with LogLook.cgi, a free simple colour coded log viewer; plus two handy SSI script are included to display hyperlink counts on your webmasters page. Time display is new to versions 3+ (also see JumpNcount for multiple drop-menu style form list hyperlink click counting)

E-Lists Perl CGI EMail List generator
Very popular multi Subscriber E-Mail List creator - back at last.

E-Lists UNIX perl cgi is a versatile FREE-to-use e-mail contact list generator created for the mail merge utilities built into many e-mail programs, or the web based ListMerge script. Excellent for allowing your visitors to register for upgrade notification, newsletter registration, new product reviews etc etc. Addresses are syntax checked, and via admin activation and a minor change to each simple form used on your site enables registration to as many different lists as you require. Each visitor entry receives an auto response confirming registration, and the lists can be configured from multiple delimited formats. ie Using the excellent Pegasus Mails' mail merge facility, the securely FTP down loaded files can be easily integrated into formatted and personalised e-mail / newsletter contacts with your registered visitors. Includes generated Admin pages for list activation/editing etc, and is compatible with ListMerge. Includes the option for you to add visitor subscribe / unsubscribe choices simply by including two radio buttons in your form. Also allow a choice between HTML and Plain Text mail-outs. Edit/create each forms additional texts for auto responses for advertising or other promo. Allows, as an option, for subscribers to "confirm" the Subscribe / Un-Subscribe request via e-mailed link. Other options also - all list independent.

unix Perl CGI ListMerge - e-mail list mailer and management
Save, Edit and Send texts for each of your separate E-Mail lists.

ListMerge UNIX perl cgi is a versatile FREE-to-use script that can be used in conjunction with E-Lists cgi, ennyForms cgi and even VizBook (or other standard address-only lists) to send e-mail / newsletters etc via your browser to the addresses submitted by visitors using simple E-Lists type forms. A ListMerge admin form displays all current lists created, and allows you to edit / save your header, message and signature text input to send as the body text for a selected list name - every list can have different saved texts. HTML or Plain Text mail outs are possible. To reduce server load, a preset maximum number of recipients can be addressed in blocks, and to continue the session, the script will keep track of which addresses have been sent and which have not. (accepts and merges E-Lists/ennyForms/VizBook formatted mail lists - address/name/date, address/name, name/address, address/date, and of course address only).

VizBook plus. Perl CGI flexible guest book style script
Possibly the most versatile "Guest Book" style program - very popular.

VizBook UNIX Perl 5 cgi is a flexible FREE-to-use-AS-IS-only guestbook style script with many more options than most similar programs. Basically a guest book type script, webmasters will find other uses for VizBook. All managed from two main Administration Pages, you can readily change backgrounds, colours, name, font, table colors and width, switch the input boxes on and off, receive but not display input, include up to three Banner Ad displays (or whatever html code you want), and set up an extra input box or drop down list for your own purpose - plus more. A Search option and Moderated List option now included. Private submissions allowed. Also via the admin page, VizBook can accept and easily install small Photos of visitors that submit to the list OR install images uploaded direct from a PC, and like most options, the photos option can be switched off. VizBook perl cgi comes as two scripts, one creating updates to the HTML page, and the other editing the many options. VizBook works from a DB file allowing visitors to view all entries, not just the main HTML page (number viewed per page is also adjustable). An e-mail list can be readily generated at Christmas or Thanksgiving etc for personal "Best Wishes and Thank you" promo mailings (E-Lists/ListMerge/ennyForms compatible), plus a delimited DB file.

CopThis Perl CGI Tell A Friend promo form
The useful "Tell a Friend" site promo form - easily edit the sent message.

CopThis perl cgi is a simple FREE-to-use promo script that allows your visitors to e-mail a friend with a prepared message and suggest they also come to visit your site. This is a popular method of gaining extra visitors and spreading the word! CopThis uniquely generates another form still containing the users input when input errors are found. A simple password protected option allows you to add addresses or referrer IP#s to a rejection data file, and the latest versions allows you to customise the message sent to the friends of your visitors, all via a generated Admin page. Allow User Entered messages, up to 15 "friends" mail addresses. Unlike most similar programs CopThis allows you to place as many forms on your site as desired ...ie it does not generate the form page separately. Including a repeat blocking method, the forms can be tested via the administrator without adding to the logged usage counts. ( Cop This [Aust. Colloq.] look at this )

JumpNcount 'Go To' style Drop-Menu Links script
This drop-menu script COUNTS the link clicks - for each menu.

JumpNcount perl cgi is a FREE-to-use Drop-Menu "Go To" style linked list script. But unlike most drop menu link lists, JumpNcount records the number of clicks to each link. The script can log clicks to many drop-menu forms in one file, OR create a log file for each drop-menu form on many pages (preferred). After the script is installed, there is no set up for any menu placed on your pages. Links of course can be to other pages within your site or full URLs to other sites. Once a form is in place, JumpNcount recognises the name of the form (hidden value) and will create a new log file if necessary, or update an existing one. Should the URL or link requested also be a new one, JumpNcount will add it to the relevant file ready for further count updates - so simple. Admin is accessed via your browser; no FTP necessary.

ennyForms Mail / Feedback Form script pageFormerly "anyForm"
Now even more popular - version 2.0+ introduces "modules"

ennyForms UNIX Perl CGI is a complex and versatile FREE-to-use Feedback Form or Mail Form type script that should handle most mail form needs. One Script handles many mail forms. Most scripts often referred to as Feedback Forms or Mail Forms have but one purpose, to send submitted html form information directly via e-mail servers without manipulating the data in any way. ennyForms is designed to handle submitted information from almost any mail form without having to set up the script for each form, or include an abundance of hidden input values. All you have to do is design each form in your html editor, and when finished add a few characters to each Input-Tag name. The names become "ordered" labels in both an optional preview page, before sending, and the formatted text of your received mail - to one common or form dependent address. Also checks input lengths for older browsers, "required" input, hides or scrambles input, preview option - handles SSL forms, Subscribe/Un-Subscribe to mail lists forms, multiple recipients, USER selected multiple recipients, and much more.
Version 2.0+ Modules.
additional personlising auto-response text, and OPTIONS FOR EACH FORM are - two data base saving methods, save subscriber E-Mail lists (E-Lists, VizBook, ListMerge compatible), return all user input to the user, include a unique reference "quote" number, individual "thank you" pages, or, add banners/headers/footers to the inbuilt response page. Now allows almost unlimited controlled input objects.

Record the link-clicks from internal/external links on/to your site.

LnkinLite Perl 5 cgi is a versatile FREE-to-use Hyperlink usage counter and redirect script - one simple script. LnkinLite can be used to count links TO your site as well as hyperlinks within your site. Counting of local site links by LogCount is preferred as it ensures only your pages on your server are used, not copies etc. However, the counting and redirecting of links into your site from other sites is handled easily by LnkinLite, and includes an attractive current-totals and link editing admin page accessed by password; ideal for checking banner ad click-throughs, reciprocal links etc. Links can be accessed remotely OR only via On-Site page hyperlinks.

Multi page forms-to-one-output form mail program.

MFormsPro2 Perl 5+ Unix program is a multi-page form handler that accepts form input from large forms spread over multiple pages; suitable for professional sites that perhaps need to divide input into sections and move the visitor on to the next page as each section is answered.... one installation was for a franchised UK company's national employment application. The program works from an easily set up template for input checking and tidy emailed list sorting, all pages can be designed freely but except for the first page, are hidden and generated by the program on request, cookies are NOT needed for tracking each user, allows for a user reference number, saves to a flat file data base, includes receiver and user e-mail options with editable response text file option, accepts multiple-selection input, and can be used for multiple applications on the same site. The final response / thankyou page is also created by you. Also includes a preview option before submission, plus an on-line "template assistant" for accurate quick template setup of form objects

Test your Unix CGI-BIN - now supplied with all programs
  PERLTEST.CGI perl CGI script is a simple script for testing your cgi-bin suitability for dtp-aus.com Perl 5 scripts and Sendmail paths. Just uncompress this .zip file on your local hard drive, check the call command to perl, then FTP upload it (the script, not the .zip file) to your cgi-bin. Set the script permissions to chmod 755 and run the script from your browsers command line. It will send back a simple web page report on your perl version.
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