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FREE HTML Back Grounds Images & Stuff #6
Right Mouse Button click on the sample page background and select "Save Background As" or similar
Mac? just hold the Mouse Button down on the sample page background.

Click on an image to view a sample page, then save as described above.
These are NOT the originals • all originals are 1300 pixels wide •

ltgry_bg.gif (801 bytes)
weird1.gif (4753 bytes)
grybrck1.jpg (4332 bytes)
mesh.jpg (4454 bytes)
lines1.gif (5898 bytes)
lt-blu2.gif (588 bytes)
mauve1.jpg (4333 bytes)
chain.gif (2052 bytes)
rulepapr.gif (2714 bytes)
sndstne1.gif (7358 bytes)
squrs1.gif (3286 bytes)
leftgray.jpg (5949 bytes)
leftred.gif (3339 bytes)
chcka1.gif (1215 bytes)

These images are not to be offered else where, in any way, for any purpose.

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