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GIF / JPG bitmaps. The following pages contain original free to copy-for-private-use images created for display on the Internet. Via the Image Lab you can also access Free Buttons and Images designed mainly for use in conjunction with the "HOW TO" pages that introduce 'newbies' to Painting programs - bitmap manipulation and colour change.
Most of my background images are created with low contrast colours. All too often web sites are encountered where the text is very difficult to read on bright multicoloured backgrounds. Always keep this in mind because those sites will lose visitors interest very quickly. Backgrounds are best viewed tiled on a full HTML page before deciding on their suitability. So enjoy!
NOTE: The images on the following pages are available to download for personal use only on private (non commercial) Internet sites. Under no circumstances are they to be offered to others, by any means, for any reason without the expressed written permission of Ron Woolley via this site at www.dtp-aus.com.

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