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This site is a compilation of tutorial & lesson pages relating to, DTP - Desktop Publishing - Prepress and HTML - Internet - Hyper Text Markup Language, free perl cgi scripts etc. plus it includes a couple of utilities and free Web Graphics for down loading. New to HTML and want to learn? Then try the How To! pages with free HTML button images and the complete "First HTML Page" module. Web Designers should also study DTP as most programs, equipment and theory are shared. HTML page design is an extension of Desktop Publishing.

Bookmark or Link to this site, and perhaps later try the DTP / HTML Links pages. I also ask you to take a few extra moments to register with the Visitors Book as the information and contact is invaluable. If you require private contact, then use the Feedback form. Otherwise simply send e-mail as I am more than willing to help, advise, receive likewise or have a chat. This site expands regularly and includes Free Links, a DTP & HTML Forum plus versatile free Perl CGI scripts.

• This site is used by many colleges around the world as an assignment reference and online training source - all material, graphics & text, is protected by copyright and must not be copied in part or whole without expressed written permission from the author. Please contact the webmaster if you recognise and believe others have possibly "borrowed" site content.

Enjoy your visit to the Land of Oz! - 'Ron' Melbourne Australia.
My growing number of Unix free Perl CGI scripts are now available, and the programs became very popular around the world for down loading.

The multi optioned site counter - LogCount, very versatile VizBook - guest book style program, E-Lists, ListMerge subscribing/mailing, CopThis "tell your friends" promo, versatile ennyForms forms-to-mail-to-db, LnkinLite link-click counter, and JumpNcount dropmenu click counter have all received an excellent response.

All available via the HTML Tutorials - with more on the way. Low cost professional Unix Perl CGI Installations available too.

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are the recognised property of their respective owners.

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